Creating Pens

Create a new Pen

  1. To create a new Pen right-click on the library where the new Pen is to be stored.
  2. Select New Object from the local menu.
  3. Select Pen from the New Object dialog drop-down box and click OK.
  4. A new pen will be created with the name Pen_1.
  5. This can be renamed if required.

To edit the new pen, select Properties from the local menu:


 This opens the Edit Pen dialog:


TIP: See also 'Edit Pen' Parameters.

Create a new Pen from an existing Pen

To base the new pen on an existing one, copy the source pen from the standard library (or a New Library) and paste into an editable library. Rename as required.

The copied Pen can be edited by selecting Properties from the local menu.