Where to find the installation files

  • Visit the Downloads page on the Cadcorp website.
  • Select your appropriate version of Cadcorp AVLS 9; this depends on the version of Cadcorp SIS Desktop you have installed.
  • To check your version, simply open SIS desktop and select View > About > Product.
  • Now based on the desktop version, select either 32-bit or 64-bit of the AVLS tool add-in and click Download.
  • Check your system’s Downloads folder for an installation file with the name Cadcorp Add-In AVLS 9.0.xxxx.32 exe or Cadcorp Add-In AVLS 9.0.xxxx.64.exe

Note: The xxxx field in the filename indicates the minor version number.

  • Double-click the .exe to begin installation

Installation Procedure

  1. After launching the .exe, you will see this welcome screen. Click Next to begin.
  2. Click Next.
  3. You will see a confirmation screen when installation is complete.
  4. Click Close.
  5. AVLS Tool will now be added to the SIS Desktop Applications tab: