About Cadcorp GeognoSIS Manager Desktop

GeognoSIS Manager offers a dedicated browser interface for the management of its instances.

This interface is called the Cadcorp GeognoSIS Manager Desktop and is available as a separate app.

The app is particularly useful if you are unable to use standard web browsers or if using a web browser is not practical for managing GeognoSIS (for instance GeognoSIS Manager web interface is not supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

Note: The installation files for GeognoSIS Manager Desktop are included with your standard GeognoSIS product ("C:\Program Files\Cadcorp GeognoSIS 9\Apps.Desktop\Manager\Cadcorp GeognoSIS Manager Desktop.exe")

Run the .EXE file to install the app; this in turn launches a Chrome browser within a desktop application. This app can be used directly on the server or installed on other servers.