Each GeognoSIS instance can be tweaked to set the maximum number of sessions and number of users.

To do this select Instance > Properties > Session.




Maximum number of GeognoSIS instances that can be created (value range 1 to 65535. Default value = 1024)

Note: Connection Limit and Session Limit can be used to limit server resources. If server is exhausted by too many connections and/or sessions, requests are not processed. Default values for these fields are arbitrary and can be changed.

Concurrent Requests Queue Size

The number of requests queued to access the same GeognoSIS session.

Note: Only requests needing read access are processed concurrently; all other requests will be queued. Maximum value of 2048

Timeout (ms)

Specifies the length of time in ms a session can remain idle before the server terminates it automatically.

If user does not send another request within the time-out period, the session will end.