Web Services - Miscellaneous

You can define Tile Map Services to be consumed by popular services such as Google Maps, Microsoft® Bing Maps and NASA World Wind.

These Cadcorp Tile Services can also be previewed using Google Map and Bing Map embedded clients

Note: See also WebServices -Cadcorp for more details on configuring preview services.

The displayed options allow you to merely preview the data being served from GeognoSIS over data from these third party services. For this preview, an API Key is required for both services. This can be added inside Properties.

Tile Map Service

This allows data to be served in the Tile Map Service format.

Tile Map Service is a specification for tiled web maps, developed by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. The Tile Map Service provided the basis for the OGC Web Map Tile Service standard.

To configure properties, click the icon. These are the available properties:

Privileges: Different levels of users (Administrator, Public and Guest) can be configured to have Read access.

Select for the Tile Map Service link.

Select to view the capabilities document for this service.

You can see the available Tile Map services using the View button which takes you back to the Maps view of the services.