All API Methods

The API descriptions include a product code to indicate which products the API is applicable to. This code is as follows:

GEO = GeognoSIS

DSK = Desktop

OD = ActiveX Modeller

OM = ActiveX Manager

OV = ActiveX Viewer

SISpy = SIS in Python

PySIS = Python in SIS

The list on this page shows all the methods available within the current version of SIS.

Note: For API methods that take a list of a string as a single parameter, Cadcorp recommend passing the list as a JSON string.

The following terms were introduced in SIS 7.1

Map Frame and Spatial Filter replace the terms Photo and Locus used in versions of SIS prior to 7.1, respectively.

The items themselves are not new but were renamed to more accurately describe their function. The names of some API methods still contain the old terms to enable backward compatibility, i.e. CreateLocusFromItem and CreatePhoto.

However the current SIS API descriptive text uses the new terms.