Theme Methods

The following methods allow creation and editing of named Theme objects.

Cadcorp SIS Desktop uses named Theme objects to control the display, e.g. Brush, Pen, Symbol, of items depending on Item properties, and also to annotate items, e.g. with Labels, Bar Charts, or Pie Charts, see Theme Types available

TIP: See SIS_OT_THEME for further details.

CopyThemeComponent   Copies an existing theme component into the currently loaded theme.
CreateBarTheme   Creates a new Bar Chart theme.
CreateContourTheme   Creates a new Contour theme.
CreateDotTheme   Creates a new Dot Density theme.
CreateExtrudeTheme   Creates a new Extrude theme.
CreateFlowTheme   Creates a new Flow theme.
CreateGraduatedTheme   Creates a new Graduated theme.
CreateIndividualTheme   Creates a new Individual theme.
CreateIndividualThemeFromFeatureTable   Creates a new Individual Value theme from a Feature Table.
CreateLabelTheme   Creates a new Label theme.
CreatePieTheme   Creates a new Pie Chart theme.
CreateRangeTheme   Creates a new Range theme.
CreateReliefTheme   Creates a new Relief theme.
CreateTopoTheme   Creates a new Topology theme.
EnableOverlayTheme   Enables/disables an overlay theme.
ExplodeOverlayTheme   Explodes an overlay theme into a new overlay.
GetOverlayTheme   Gets a copy of an overlay theme.
GetOverlayThemeLegend   Gets an overlay theme legend as a BLOB string within a coordinate reference system.
InsertOverlayTheme   Inserts a copy of a named theme into an overlay in the current SWD.
IsOverlayThemeEnabled   Checks whether an Overlay theme is currently enabled or disabled.
LoadTheme   Loads a named theme for editing.
RemoveOverlayTheme   Removes a theme from an overlay in the current SWD.
StoreTheme   Stores the currently open theme.