Additional Analysis

Expressions and Processes are used for the majority of analysis but some additional functionality is accessible at a map level through the following resources:


Grid based analysis is accessible through this resource allowing

  • Hotspot (KDE and GI *)
  • Scatter grids (using different interpolation methods)
  • Viewshed analysis

Routing analysis allows a number of route finding operations to be run including

  • Isochrone (travel from a defined location)
  • MultiRoute (routes to multiple locations)
  • Point to Point (A to B routes)

This analysis can be performed using either a BDS topological network or OSRM database.

Use the OPTIONS operator to find resources and parameters:

OPTIONS http://server:port/geognosis/9/sessions/session_id/map/analysis.json


In SIS 9, each overlay is automatically converted to a SQLite database allowing SQL queries to be run directly against the layer. In the desktop, there is a dedicated SQL Console for running queries. This endpoint allows any SQL query as understood by the Developer control bar SQL console to be run with the results returned as JSON.

Use the OPTIONS operator to find resou rces and parameters:

OPTIONS http://server:port/geognosis/9/sessions/session_id/map/sql.json