HTTP API Overview

GeognoSIS utilises an API built around the concept of resources and their representations.

The API maps the HTTP commands POST, GET, PATCH and DELETE to CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations.

Note: This is in contrast to SOAP which creates new arbitrary commands (verbs) and communicates using XML.

The API tries to be faithful to the web domain and uses a set of operations that can be invoked with any of the four commands GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE using the actual URL as parameters for your operations.

GeognoSIS provides a range of operations which can be carried out on the resources and are accessible at different levels of the URL.

To edit or manipulate features or data, simply start a session and load an SWD.

This is one example of a resource. You can use a Data File (SWD) added through the GeognoSIS Manager for read-only render and query requests.