HTTP API Process name: Viewshed (as QZone)

Creates a 'Viewshed' QZone from the Item origin over source Grid Items from another Overlay.

Process JSON

 "Operation": "Item.ViewshedQZone",
 "PropertyMap": {
   "_filter$": "_FC& IN (1,2,3)",
   "_overlay$": "LayerName",
   "_radius@": "1"

Property Description


Properties shown in RED are mandatory.

Filter expression

A filter expression, eg '_FC& IN (1,2,3)' or 'grid_type$="DEM"', to use when finding the source Grid Items


The name of the Overlay containing the source Grid Items


The 'Viewshed' radius, as a simple value, or as an expression, eg '12.34' or 'Max(123.4,broadcast_range#)'