All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

CreateAreaFromLines Method


Creates one or more Polygon item(s) from the LineString item(s) in a Named List, using the creation option, optionally deleting the LineString item(s) after creating the Polygon item(s).


Visual Basic
Public Function CreateAreaFromLines( _
   ByVal list As String, _
   ByVal bDelete As Integer, _
   ByVal createOption As Integer _
) As Integer


The Named List containing the LineString items to be used in the Polygon item creation. If the method succeeds, the named list will contain the Polygon items created.

True Delete the LineString items after creating the Polygon item.
False Leave the existing LineString items behind.
SIS_AREA_ONE_TO_ONE    Create a Polygon item for every LineString item in the Named List.
SIS_AREA_MANY_TO_ONE   Create one Polygon item using all of the LineString items in the Named List.
SIS_AREA_DISJOINT Create disjoint Polygon items where a LineString item in the Named List which is wholly contained within another LineString in the Named List will become a hole, or island, within the containing LineString item.


Available: GEO D OD OM OV SISpy



sis.CreateAreaFromLines ("ListFound", True, SIS_AREA_MANY_TO_ONE)

creates a Polygon item for each LineString item in the list ListFound.