All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

GetCoordExtent Method


Gets the extents corresponding to a coordinate format string.


Visual Basic
Public Function GetCoordExtent( _
   ByVal coordClass As String, _
   ByVal coord As String _
) As String


The coordinate format class to use in interpreting the coord argument.
AGridAxes Coordinate Grid
AGridGrid Grid item (e.g. DTM or DEM)
AGridIrish Irish Grid
AGridJapanDM Japanese Digital Map
AGridJapanPC Japanese General Area Mesh
AGridLatLon Latitude/Longitude
AGridPath Linear coordinates
AGridNatGrid OS (GB) National Grid
AGridBearing Polar coordinates
AGridBearingRelative Relative polar coordinates
AGridSurvey Survey coordinates
AGridWgs84 WGS84 Latitude,Longitude,Height
The coordinate string, in the format specified by the coordClass argument, to be interpreted.

Return Type

A comma-delimited string containing a pair of x, y and z coordinates describing the extents of the coordinate format position. Use SplitExtent to get the pair of x, y and z values themselves. If the coordinate format position describes a point then the extents will describe the same point.

The supported coordinate formats can be found using the _CoordClasses$ system variable (the coordinate format class to use in interpreting the coord argument). See Coordinate Grids for more details.


Available: GEO D OD OM SISpy



sis.GetCoordExtent ("AGridNatGrid", "SP950130")