All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

OpenListCursor Method


Opens a new cursor containing specified fields for all items in a named list.


Visual Basic
Public Function OpenListCursor( _
   ByVal cursor As String, _
   ByVal list As String, _
   ByVal fields As String _
) As Integer


The named cursor to be created with the specified fields for all items in an overlay. Any existing cursor with this name will be overwritten.
The named list containing items from which properties will be read to fill the cursor.
The list of fields to be included in the cursor. Field names should be as they appear in the expression box within SIS and should be TAB-separated.


Cursors created from lists can be navigated through in forwards and backwards directions allowing any row to be visited or revisited at will.

When a cursor is opened the current reading position is at the start of the cursor.

Available: GEO D OD OM SISpy



sis.OpenListCursor ("MyCursor", "MyList", "_area#" & vbTab & "UPRN$"  & vbTab 
& "BDRMS&")

This creates a cursor called MyCursor which will contain three columns - the system property _area# and two user-defined properties. The cursor will be populated from items in the named list MyList and will contain a row for every item in that list.