All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

SendPrint Method


Prints the current window.


Visual Basic
Public Function SendPrint( _
   ByVal driver As String, _
   ByVal device As String, _
   ByVal outputName As String, _
   ByVal forceColour As Integer, _
   ByVal fStretch As Double _
) As Integer


The printer driver.
The printer device name.
The printer output port.
SIS_PRINTCAPS_QUERY    Query the printer driver to get colour capabilities of printer.
SIS_PRINTCAPS_MONO    Force output to monochrome (pens are black or white, brushes and bitmaps are gray).
SIS_PRINTCAPS_COLOUR    Assume printer can handle 24-bit colours.
The scaling factor to apply to the print in order to make it fit onto the printer paper.


  • This method of printing is only intended for use in the ActiveX Control.
  • The values of the driver, device and output arguments should be found from the printing facilities available in the container application developer environment (driver will typically be "winspool").
  • If each of the driver, device and output arguments are blank strings then the properties in SIS_OT_PRINTER will be used. If the Device name, Driver name and Output port properties of SIS_OT_PRINTER are empty then this method will display the same sequence of dialogs as the application Print... command. This technique will not work with GisLink customisations which should start the Print... command directly. When the dialogs are shown the forceColour and fStretch arguments are ignored.

Available: D OD OM OV



sis.SendPrint (Printer.DriverName, Printer.DeviceName, Printer.Port, SIS_PRINTCAPS_QUERY, 1)

Sets the parameters for driver, device, output, to match those of the default printer