All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

SetAxesPrj Method


Sets the current axes Coordinate Reference System


Visual Basic
Public Function SetAxesPrj( _
   ByVal projection As String _
) As Integer


The named Coordinate Reference System to use. This can be any named Coordinate Reference System previously created using DefineNolPrjLatLon or DefineNolPrjTm, or loaded from a Named Object Library.


The axes Coordinate Reference System sets up the (x,y,z) co-ordinates used in the API routines and the coordinate system in the User Interface.

In the API the units are always metres and degrees. However, in the User Interface the units can be changed (e.g. miles and radians).

When the current axes are changed, the view of the current Map Window may also be changed to be compatible.

If the current window is not a Map Window (or there is no current window) the default axes Coordinate Reference System is set instead.

Available: GEO D OD OM SISpy



sis.SetAxesPrj ("UserPrj" )