All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

SetRubberTransform Method


Sets the current Rubber Sheet Transformation from the currently open Rubber Sheet item. This method must be used before transforming Raster or Vector data.


Visual Basic
Public Function SetRubberTransform( _
   ByVal method As Integer _
) As Integer



The displacement method to use:


Only three of the displacement items are used, so if you have created and selected more than three you will not be able to predict the results.


All the start points of the displacements are triangulated. Only points which lie inside one of the triangles or on its border, are transformed – other points are left unchanged.

This method is most suited to fitting digitised vector data to known positions.


All displacement items are used to transform every point, but closer displacements have more effect on a particular point than the more distance ones. If a point is exactly on the start of a displacement, it will be transformed to the end displacement.

Points a long way away from all displacements will be moved to the average displacement. Therefore, if the average displacement is zero, the transformation will only have a local effect.

This method is most suited to fitting a scanned bitmap onto existing data accurately.


Available: GEO D OD SISpy