Setting up the Python Environment in Windows

During Cadcorp SIS Desktop installation you will be prompted for SISpy and Python 3.6 installation.

Choose to install SISpy- this should be selected if a pre-existing Python 3.6 installation exists.

Manual Installation

When SIS Desktop is upgraded, sis.runtime and other files are not updated automatically. Follow these manual installation steps to set up the Python environment when upgrading SIS Desktop

Cadcorp SIS Desktop and Python must be the same bit version, i.e. either both must be 32-bit or both must be 64-bit. Do not mix the bit versions.

Note: Only Python 3.6 is currently supported.

This module is installed as sis.pyd in "C:\Program Files\Cadcorp SIS Desktop 9\SISpy".

  • Copy the complete SIS folder from "C:\Program Files" to "C:\Python36\DLLs" and rename to "sis.runtime".
  • Copy these files from "C:\Program Files\Cadcorp SIS Desktop 9" to "C:\Python36\DLLs".
    1. xerces-c_3_1_cadcorp.dll

    2. cpprest141_2_9.dll

    3. sis.pyd

    4. d3dcompiler_47.dll

    5. lsapiw64.dll

    6. sx32w.dll

  • Copy the file "cadcorp.lservc" from "C:\Program files\Cadcorp SIS Desktop 9" to "C:\Program Files\Python 36\DLLs\sis.runtime".
  • Open the command window "C:\Python32\python.exe" and enter the following:
import sis

Running these commands is not strictly necessary but they are useful in checking if Python is operational.