Getting started with GeognoSIS SOAP

Here we show you how to build a simple Cadcorp GeognoSIS web application using Microsoft Visual Basic and ASP.NET.

Note: The same principles hold true for other languages like Microsoft C#. Only the specifics of the language will be different.

Deploying the application

Once an application has been developed and successfully tested, you can deploy it by transferring it to the Cadcorp GeognoSIS server.

  1. On the web server, create a virtual directory and copy all files from your development machine into the directory.
  2. Edit web.config to point to the location of the Cadcorp GeognoSIS service the deployment web server will use. This does not have to be running on the deployment server. The default set by Visual Studio is to refer to Cadcorp GeognoSIS on the deployment machine though this is unlikely to be appropriate for the deployment server.
  3. If using IIS, open the virtual directory’s properties using IIS Manager. In the Properties/Directory tab > Application Settings > click Create to create an application name. By default this is the name of the folder but this can be changed.
  4. Apply the changes and exit.
  5. Using a web browser either on the server or an existing computer on the network, access the starting project web page by entering the IP address of the server, the application name and the start up web page. For eg: