SOAP Interface Overview: XML-based API access

Access to the GeognoSIS API is available through the SOAP/XML requests. This is usually used for building web sites and services which display or perform spatial analysis, data manipulation and interrogation using a remote geo-spatial engine.

SOAP Interface

GeognoSIS runs as a Windows Service and waits for requests sent through either a SOAP or HTTP API. This section describes the best practice and techniques for working with the SOAP interface.

Supported types of SOAP

Communication speed between GeognoSIS and clients has improved over time. Communication between GeognoSIS and a client takes place by exchanging SOAP XML documents.

Aavailableare SOAP styles :

  • GeognoSIS 6.x.y and 7.0.x use the style called RPC/encoded SOAP.
  • GeognoSIS 7.1.x and GeognoSIS 8.0.x now allows the user to choose to use either RPC/encoded SOAP or Document/literal wrapped SOAP.

TIP: You can find more about these styles online. Eg:

The SOAP style is selected by the new 'type' parameter added to GeognoSIS.wsdl. When a web reference is added to a VS project, the service URL can be specified in the following ways:

  • http://localhost:4326/GeognoSIS/GeognoSIS.wsdl
  • http://localhost:4326/GeognoSIS/GeognoSIS.wsdl?type=RpcEncoded
  • http://localhost:4326/GeognoSIS/GeognoSIS.wsdl?type=DocumentLiteral

If the type argument is missing, DocumentLiteral will be used by default.