Using your Themes

Themes are used to apply styles to graphical items (eg assign a different colour to every country in the world or assign colours based on ranges of values).

To work with themes you have created select Home > Overlays > Themes.

Viewing a theme

Use the Visible command in the Maps Control Bar,(right-click to see this in the local menu) or click on the theme's icon in the Maps Control Bar to turn it on and off.

Editing a theme

To edit a theme, use the Properties local command in the Maps Control Bar or double-click on the theme in the Maps Control Bar to display the dialog appropriate to the type of theme.

Deleting a theme

To delete a theme, use the  Delete local command in the Maps Control Bar or the Delete option in the Theme drop-down list in the Theme tab of the Overlays dialog.

Copying and pasting themes

Themes displayed on the Maps Control Bar can be copied and pasted from one overlay to another using local menu commands. To do this, choose Copy from the Theme local menu, then choose Paste Theme from the target overlay’s local menu.