Ordnance Survey MasterMap Imagery Layer (*.gml;*.gz)

The Imagery Layer of Ordnance Survey MasterMap has been created from high-quality aerial photography and provides a detailed aerial map of Great Britain almost as good as actually being there.

All the Imagery Layer images have been fully orthorectified to represent truly and accurately what is on the ground.

To provide this clear, detailed picture, Ordnance Survey has selected the best available photos at 25 cm resolution and 24 bit colour and corrected the positional and geometric distortions arising through the camera’s position relative to points on the ground and through variations in height on the ground surface.

We have also attached meta-data to each image so you can trace and track information for the clearest possible understanding of the area.

Ordnance Survey plans to ultimately cover the whole of Great Britain with orthorectified imagery.

Coordinate system - British National Grid.

Note: See also: www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk


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