A BoxText item is a multi line string of text contained within an imaginary box and aligned about a point.

Note: BoxText height is measured in real world units, thus BoxText height is always in the same proportion to graphics.

BoxText text cannot be substituted in the same way as Text because substitution would affect the size of the box.


  • Area: _area#
    The area covered by the item in square metres.

  • Box padding: _boxPad#
    Pads the background box around the text.

  • Character Height: _character_height#
    The height of BoxText characters in real-world metres.

  • Character Spacing: _character_spacing#
    The adjustment of white space between characters.

  • Clockwise: _bClockwise&
    Is the item geometry defined in a clockwise direction?

  • Number of lines: _lines&
    The number of lines of text. Single-line text will report one line.

  • Splinter factor: _splinter#
    The splinter factor of the Polygon. A circle has a splinter factor of 1. A very long and thin area could have a splinter factor of 100. Polygon items with large splinter factors are often produced by overlapping lines which are almost by not quite the same.

  • Text: _text$
    The textual content of the item.  If the item contains MultiLineString text then the Properties Control Bar will show the lines separated by Carriage Return/Line Feed characters.

TIP: See also Item Properties