A Image is a read-only raster image.

Image items can only be created by Plug-in Datasets.

The image is regenerated by the Plug-in Dataset every time it is drawn. This means that it can be very high resolution and use anti-aliasing.


  • Area: _area#
    The area covered by the item in square metres.

  • Clockwise: _bClockwise&
    Is the item geometry defined in a clockwise direction?

  • Height: _height&
    The number of rows in the Bitmap item.

  • Name: _name$
    The name of the image source of a Image item.

  • Number of edges: _numedges&
    The number of edges in a geometrical shape.

  • Number of loops: _numloops&
    The number of loops used by a Polygon item. Most Polygon items have only one loop. However, any holes or islands will be stored as extra loops.

  • Splinter factor: _splinter#
    The splinter factor of the Polygon. A circle has a splinter factor of 1. A very long and thin area could have a splinter factor of 100. Polygon items with large splinter factors are often produced by overlapping lines which are almost by not quite the same.

  • Width: _width&
    The number of pixels in each row of a Bitmap.

TIP: See also Item Properties