A Surface is a collection of triangular faces. It has an area but no volume.

Two special types of Surface are TIN and Solid.


  • Area: _area#
    The area covered by the item in square metres.

  • Blended Colours: _bBlend&
    Should the colours of a Surface item be blended between nodes?

  • Clockwise: _bClockwise&
    Is the item geometry defined in a clockwise direction?

  • Number of edges: _nEdge&
    The number of visible edges in a Surface.

  • Number of nodes: _nNode&
    The number of nodes in a Surface.

  • Smooth: _bSmooth&
    Do any Surface vertices have their own normal, i.e. does the Surface draw smoothly?

  • Splinter factor: _splinter#
    The splinter factor of the Polygon. A circle has a splinter factor of 1. A very long and thin area could have a splinter factor of 100. Polygon items with large splinter factors are often produced by overlapping lines which are almost by not quite the same.

TIP: See also Item Properties