KDE Hot Spot

Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) is a useful statistical tool to create a smooth curve given a set of data.

This can be useful if you want to visualize just the “shape” of some data.

TIP: See here for more information on KDE

Select the items to be used for the KDE analysis.

Click Analysis > Grids > Hot Spot and select KDE to start the Hot Spot wizard.

TIP: We recommend initially running the analysis several times altering settings and styling so the created Grid is optimized for its purpose.

It is recommended that initially the analysis is run several times, altering settings and styling, so that the created Grid is optimised for its purpose.

If the Grid is stored within an internal overlay it can be found under 3D as Grid:

Note: If there are problems viewing the grid, ensure the projection/coordinates options are correct and that the grid is deselected. If you view your grid in 3D, you may find it looks wrong. Altering the exaggeration may correct this.