Adding licences to a Network Server

Licences are added to a server with the WlAdmin.exe tool.

  1. Open the WlmAdmin.exe tool.
  2. TIP: This is available with our free Licensing Kit. (Click here to download the kit- You can find WlmAdmin inside the Gemalto Sentinel Administration Tools folder)

  3. Expand the tree to display the required licence server.
  4. Right click on the server to access the local menu. Select the option Add Feature/From a File/To Server and its File.

This method adds licences to the licence server file; if the server is restarted the licences in the file are simply reloaded back onto the server. If you choose /To Server option, the licence will only be available during the current session; it should be added again if the server is restarted.

  1. Browse to the location of the licence file to be added to the server. Select the licence file and click Open.

  2. The licence is not checked for validity. Ensure you manually confirm the correct licence file is installed.