Licence Server Startup Options - Option Details

Option Description

-e <licenseconfigurationfile>

Specifies the name and location of the optional licence configuration file that can be used for:

Specifying alert actions.

Customizing the “fixed” or predefined strings found in a readable licence string.

-l <usage-log-file>

Specifies the name and location of the licence server's usage log file.

-f <trace-log-file>

Specifies the name and location of the trace file.

-tr <tracelevel>

Sets the tracing level.

Trace errors (4) - To trace the errors encountered during communication with the licence server.

Trace functions (2) - To trace the major licensing functions called during application lifetime.

Trace licence keys (1) - To trace the invalid licence codes.

All (7) - Trace all the three levels.

-z <file-size>

The maximum size of the usage and trace file log (if enabled). The size can be specified in bytes, kilobytes, or megabytes.

For instance, -z 2000 means 2000 bytes, -z 2k means 2 kilobytes, -z 2m means 2 megabytes. The default value is 1 megabyte.


Disables automatic backup of the usage and trace log files in case of overflow. The licence server will stop writing further records to the file.

By default, on overflow of the usage and trace log files, the file contents will be moved into respective backup files. New log records are then written to the original file until it overflows again. If the -x option is specified, the file will not be backed up on overflow.

-port <portnumber>

Changes the default network port (5093) used for transferring data between the licence server and the client.

-com <percentage>

Sets the percentage of licence tokens allowed for commuter licensing. Once that percentage of tokens are used by commuter licences, no more will be made available to commuters until tokens are returned.

-rlf <redundantlicense-file>

Starts the licence server as a redundant licence server using the specified redundant licence file.

-lfe <usage -logencryption-level>

Specifies the transaction/usage log file encryption level.

-u groupreservations-file

Specifies the name and location of the optional group reservations file.


Sets quiet startup for the licence server on UNIX.