Network Licensing - Client

Here licences are managed outside the application—an external licence server is used to authorize and managed usage.

The licence server can run on any computer on the network (including a computer on which the licensed application is run). Network licensing is ideal for large/small enterprises where centralized licence management is preferred.

The cadcorp_licence_server_list environment variable informs Cadcorp SIS Desktop of the available network licence(s).

Setting the cadcorp_licence_server_list environment variable

Cadcorp SIS Desktop will send a directed call to the servers that are in the cadcorp_licence_server_list file.

The call will then traverse the list of licence servers beginning at the first licence server in the list and moving down the list.

Valid licence server host names must be separated with a tilde (~).

For example, use the following command:

SET cadcorp_licence_server_list=SERVER1~SERVER2


  • A user can check out a network licence on their laptop, i.e. would use the network licence on

  • If this fails, it then uses No-net (No-net means look for a local licence) therefore one icon can carry out two functions.

Notes for previous versions of SIS Desktop:

  1. Variables LSHOST and LSFORCEHOST were previously used. These variables are no longer valid and are not recognised by Cadcorp SIS Desktop.
  2. If the environment variable was not set in previous versions of Cadcorp SIS Desktop the application performs a broadcast for any licence server that could potentially authorize Cadcorp SIS Desktop to run. This is no longer the case and no broadcast operation is carried out.