Things to remember- Map Frame

A Map Frame item is a map view window used during printing.

TIP: See also Map Frame Items.

Things to remember:

  1. Map Frame items share many of the same properties as Polygon items (eg Brush, Pen, etc) and can be edited accordingly.
  2. They can also be resized and copied; this means there can be multiple views of the same map at different scales on one Print Template.
  3. Make the destination window current (where the Map Frame item will be created) before selecting the command.
  4. You are first prompted to snap anywhere in another window (the source window). Return the cursor to the destination window and you will see a rectangle locked to the cursor. Place this using a screen snap or typed coordinate. The Map Frame item will be filled with an image of the source window.
  5. A "No Entry" symbol indicates you cannot construct a Map Frame containing an image of the window in which the item is to be placed.
  6. You cannot edit the graphical image in a Map Frame item.
  7. To modify a Map Frame’s extents, select the rectangular border and drag the grab handles.
  8. Move Map Frame items by dragging with the cursor.
  9. A Map Frame taken from a window whose view scale is 1:1250 will have a scale of 1:1250.
    If the original window displayed had an area of 500 metres square, the Map Frame will be 400 millimetres square. Changing the scale using Properties (Home > Selection) will retain the 400mm square and increase or decrease the map area.