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Select Add Overlay > Databases > Oracle Spatial.the ESRI option to open the Oracle Connection dialog.




PostgreSQL database server host.

Port Number

PostgreSQL database server port.


Specify the database name to connect to.

User name

Oracle database user name


Password for the Oracle account


The Oracle server to use. This name is sometimes referred to as the 'Net Service Name' or 'Host String'

Save password in UI settings database (encrypted)

Check this tickbox to store password in Cadcorp SIS Desktop‘s UI settings database. The password will be stored in encrypted form for security.

Click Next to open the ESRI ArcSDE dialog.

  • Details: Click Details to display the properties of the selected layer, for example:
  • Connection options: Select the required Connection Type.
  • Select the ESRI ArcSDE Layer to load into SIS.
  • Click Finish.

Note: The load performed into SIS is the equivalent of a "on- off import" which means the whole table will be loaded into SIS. Therefore you may find there is a considerable delay while the table is loaded into SIS Desktop.

Ensure the SDE User account has been given "select" privilege on the database tables.

Layers that do not contain data will cause the error "invalid dataset".