Oracle GeoRaster

The Oracle GeoRaster loads raster data from an Oracle 10g (or later) Georaster database.

Select Oracle GeoRaster and click Next.




Oracle user name


Password for the Oracle account


Oracle server to be used. This is sometimes referred to as the 'Net Service Name' or 'Host String'

Save password in UI settings database (encrypted)

Check this tickbox to store password in Cadcorp SIS Desktop‘s UI settings database. The password will be stored in encrypted form for security.

Click Next to open the Oracle Spatial GeoRaster dialog.

Connection Type

Dynamic: Maintains an active connection to the Oracle Database with all redraws returning to the server. The Dataset will be editable subject to Oracle user privileges.

Local cache: Makes a local copy of the entire table. The dataset will be read-only.

One-off import: Copies the entire table into an Internal Overlay.

Create Grid(s): Check this tickbox if you want SIS to convert the resulting load into a Grid item. A Grid item is an item that is displayed as a raster image. It is made up of coloured cells or pixels, the colour corresponding to a numerical value. This option is not applicable to Dynamic connections.

Metadata: Press the Metadata button to open or save the Metadata as a .tmp file. You can change the .tmp extension to .xml and save the file in XML format. The following is an example of part of a Metadata XML file:

Click Finish when you have selected the Oracle Spatial GeoRaster to load into SIS Desktop selected