Oracle Network Model

The Oracle 11g Network Model supports direction information but not node junction information.

Select Add Overlay > Databases > Oracle Network Model.

The load performed into SIS Desktop is the equivalent of a one-off import; this means the whole table is loaded into SIS.

Hence you may find there is a considerable delay while the table is loaded. The dataset will be read-only and will require a further export to update any changes.




Oracle user name


Password for the Oracle account


Oracle server to be used. This is sometimes referred to as the 'Net Service Name' or 'Host String'

Save password in UI settings database (encrypted)

Check this tickbox to store password in Cadcorp SIS Desktop‘s UI settings database. The password will be stored in encrypted form for security.

Click Next to open the Oracle Spatial Network Data Model dialog.

Select the Oracle Spatial Network to load into SIS Desktop and click Finish.