Oracle Spatial

This type of database overlay is an editable dataset that stores items in an Oracle Spatial or Locator database.

Cadcorp SIS Desktop requires Oracle Locator as a minimum to be installed in the Oracle database.

Note: Some functionality within SIS desktop requires Oracle Spatial to be installed (with additional licensing). Please check with your Oracle supplier to ensure all software is licensed correctly.

Before accessing spatial data from an Oracle database ensure the Map Window is focused in the correct location and at a reasonable scale for the data being accessed (i.e 1:1250).

SIS Desktop automatically selects data from the database that coincides with the map extents of the map window.

Select Add Overlay > Databases > Oracle Spatial.

Click Next to enter your connection details for the Oracle database or select a previously saved connection.




Oracle Client:- use the oracle Net Service Name as configured in your local tnsnames.ora file

Oracle Instant Client :- Cadcorp SIS installation files contain an Oracle Instant client that can be optionally installed. Use the Oracle EZCONNECT format to specify the server value: Host:port/database servicename


Oracle database user name.


Password for the Oracle account.

Save connection details in UI settings database (with encrypted password)

Check this tickbox if SIS Desktop should store these connection details in the UI settings database. The password will be encrypted for security.

Saved connection name

Enter a meaningful name for the connection. Previously used names cannot be used.

If the Oracle connection has been made previously and the connection details saved, the Oracle Connection dialog will be displayed in the form shown below. Click one of the Saved connections to complete the connection details.

If there are any connections currently in use these will be shown as follows:

Click Next and select either a Simple or Advanced Database connection type. Alternatively you can Create your own connection type.