NGA Digital Nautical Chart (DNC)

Loads Vector data of significant maritime features.

Select Home > Add Overlay > Miscellaneous > GDAL and click Finish.

The NIMA Vector Map Level 0/1 - Edition 003 dialog will be displayed:

Option Description

Source Coverage

Browse to the folder from which to load the coverage.

Also select the Coverage(s) from the list of available coverages.

Source Extents

Centre (degrees) Longitude - in the range -90 to 90 or -180 to 180.

Centre (degrees) Latitude - in the range -90 to 90 or -180 to 180.

Extents (degrees) Width (E/W)/Height (N/S) - in the range 1 to 360.


If the Gazetteer button is active information can be used to specify the source extents.