Options - Miscellaneous

Click File on the Ribbon and select Options > Miscellaneous to set miscellaneous options.

Note: Some options within this tab may not be available for Desktop Express.



Check for updates on Startup

Checks for SIS Desktop updates and displays a notification in the ribbon message bar if a newer version is available.

The --update-check command-line parameter can also be used to override the option ( ie force the check).

Suppress backups

Determine if SIS Desktop 9 should automatically create backup files.

This can be useful for recovery when you accidentally save changes which you intended to discard. Related Topics Link IconRelated Topics

Remember with this option turned on Cadcorp SIS Desktop will use more disk space.

Suppress Undo logging (not available for Desktop Express)

Determine if Cadcorp SIS Desktop uses the undo buffer.

Whenever items are added, edited or deleted the change is remembered in a memory buffer.

Tick this checkbox to prevent changes being remembered; this immediately reduces memory requirements.

Suppress scale warnings

Determine if Cadcorp SIS Desktop warns of unsuitable dataset scales when creating new items.

For e.g. when Text is very small or very large on screen, the Scale Warning can be used to select a more suitable scale.

Check feature codes when merging items (not available for Desktop Express)

Enable to force Cadcorp SIS Desktop check feature codes when merging items.

Check attributes when merging items (not available for Desktop Express)

Enable to force Cadcorp SIS Desktop check attributes when merging items

Confirm before deleting items with no support for undo (not available for Desktop Express)

Enable to force Cadcorp SIS Desktop to seek confirmation before deleting items with no support for undo

Automatically refresh BDS datasets

Enable to automatically refresh Cadcorp Base Dataset datasets.

When working on a BDS file, Cadcorp SIS Desktop can periodically check your network for edits to the same file by other users.

(This is done via the _BdsRefreshInterval& variable)

SIS Desktop 9 will then automatically reload the chnaged file.

REMEMBER: This option increases network traffic.

Expression result cache

With Expression result cache selected, the expression value will be static, this means Cadcorp SIS Desktop remembers the expression value rather than calculate it every time the user pans the map window or does something that causes the overlay to be redrawn.

Expression result cache can be set for Internal Datasets, Plug-in Datasets or Cursor-based Datasets.

Topology (not available for Desktop Express)

Automatic TopoLineString creation

Should TopoLineString items be automatically created when Link items are created?

Favour old geometry in splinter removal

Should old geometry be favoured in splinter removal? When you convert LineString and Polygon items to topology there may be small splinters between the LineString/Polygon and existing Link items. If these splinters are automatically removed, Cadcorp SIS Desktop needs to know whether the old Link geometry is more reliable than the newer LineString/Polygon geometry.

Don't remove points from straight lines

Should points be retained when a straight line is created.