To see details of the dataset referenced by the overlay, select Overlays > Dataset.

You can also use the context menu (right-click on the Overlay and select Dataset > Properties.)

For internal overlays:

For RDBMS cursor datasets:

Field Description


The name of the dataset referred to by the overlay.


The coordinate system in which the dataset items are defined.

To view or edit the coordinate system drop down the combo-box list and click the right arrow.

Feature Table

Feature table to be used for feature-coded items in this dataset.


Default viewing scale for the dataset. This will affect how Text items convert their "point" heights into world sizes.


The number of items opened in the dataset.

Memory (bytes)

Memory used by Cadcorp SIS Desktop to store dataset items.

Locked (only active for BDS overlays)

Checking the Locked tickbox makes you the owner of the dataset. If anyone else is using the dataset you will not be able to check the tickbox.

Save Now (only active for BDS overlays)

Save a locked dataset that has been edited.

See Querying data in the Map Window - Querying datasets - The Dataset tab in the Overlays dialog for further details of the Dataset tab.

Dataset Properties

View or edit further dataset-specific information.

Here are examples of the properties displayed for a BDS and a Cadcorp Internal Dataset: