This coordinate reference system maps longitude to X and latitude to Y, where X and Y are horizontal and vertical measurements respectively. It is useful for showing the whole of the Earth's surface, but has large distortions near the North and South poles.

See Coordinate Reference Systems for more details.


  • Central Meridian: _central_meridian#
    Central meridian.

  • Class name: _class$
    Coordinate reference system class.

  • Conversion to Degrees: _to_degree#
    Conversion to Degrees.

  • Conversion to Metres (Z): _to_metre_z#
    Conversion to Metres (Z)

  • Datum: _datum$
    Named Geodetic Datum.

  • EPSG Code: _epsg&
    The matching European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) code number for the coordinate system, if found.

  • Latitude of Origin: _latitude_of_origin#
    Latitude of Origin.

  • Major Axis: _major_axis#
    Major Axis.

  • Minor Axis: _minor_axis#
    Minor Axis.

  • Prime Meridian: _prime_meridian#
    Prime Meridian.

  • Projection WKT: _projection$
    Coordinate reference system in Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Well-Known-Text format.