Transverse Mercator

This is a coordinate reference system from the Earth's surface to a horizontal cylinder of the same (or similar) radius.

The cylinder is then "unrolled" for presentation on a flat surface such as paper or the computer screen.

The X and Y coordinates then correspond to positions on the cylinder, and the Z coordinates are in height above sea level. Where the cylinder touches the Earth there are few distortions, so the coordinate reference system is good along a line of longitude running from pole to pole.

See Coordinate Reference Systems for more details.


  • Central Meridian: _central_meridian#
    Central meridian.

  • Class name: _class$
    Coordinate reference system class.

  • Conversion to Metres (XY): _to_metre#
    Conversion to Metres (XY).

  • Datum: _datum$
    Named Geodetic Datum.

  • EPSG Code: _epsg&
    The matching European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) code number for the coordinate system, if found.

  • False Easting: _false_easting#
    False Easting.

  • False Northing: _false_northing#
    False Northing.

  • Latitude of Origin: _latitude_of_origin#
    Latitude of Origin.

  • Major Axis: _major_axis#
    Major Axis.

  • Minor Axis: _minor_axis#
    Minor Axis.

  • Prime Meridian: _prime_meridian#
    Prime Meridian.

  • Projection WKT: _projection$
    Coordinate reference system in Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Well-Known-Text format.

  • Scale Factor: _scale_factor#
    Scale Factor.