Dithered Bitmap (*.bmp)

A dithered bitmap consists of a number of a few coloured pixels set next to each other carefully in order to create the visual effect of a full range of colours.

To make sure the full extend of what you require is in the output use the zoom tool to define a box around the area of interest rather than using the wheel mouse to navigate there.

When exporting to Dithered Bitmap (*.bmp) the following Bitmap dialog is displayed:

Option Description
Pixel Size The width of a pixel in coordinate system units.
Output File Width The width in pixels of the bitmap to create.
Output File Height The height in pixels of the bitmap to create.
Monochrome Check this tickbox to create a monochrome bitmap instead of using the screen's colour depth.

Arguments to Export API Method

  • clsExport$



  • Cadcorp SIS Desktop
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Modeller
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Manager