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Decorated URLs

You can now open a map view quickly and directly without using SIS WebMap tools or menus. To do this, customise or “decorate” a URL in the browser’s address bar. 

For example, adding geolocate=true to the URL:


will enable geolocation and open SIS WebMap at your current location.

Note: Decorated URLs can be easily shared with the rest of your team or on social media. See also Sharing

A decorated URL can also be used to launch SIS WebMap with the window open at the desired menu options. For example, adding initialDialog=layersDialog to the URL like this:


will open SIS WebMap with an active Map Features dialog window. Here are the additional parameters that can be added to the URL:

Additional parameter SIS WebMap opens
geolocate=true current location
initialDialog=layersDialog Map Features dialog
initialDialog=searchByAreaDialog Search By Area dialog
initialDialog=measureDialog Measure dialog
initialDialog=drawingDialog Draw dialog
initialDialog=localKnowledgeDialog Local Knowledge dialog
initialDialog=reportDialog ReportIT dialog

Note: These additional parameters are case-sensitive.

URL Defined

By adding coordinates to the end of the site URL you can define the initial location of the map.

For a UK map using British National Grid Coordinates the following example displays an initial location of Cambridge with X and Y defining the exact co-ordinates.

http://localhost or [IPAddress/NameOfServer]/SISWebMap9/map.aspx?x=545352&y=258359

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