Mobile Interface

SIS WebMap can be used seamlessly on any mobile device (phone or tablet). With a clean, friendly interface and powerful querying, this is true GIS functionality at your fingertips.

1. Interactive Map Window

Drag finger across the screen to pan the map

Pinch and stretch to zoom in and out of the map.

Double tap any feature on the map for a precise zoom.

Press and hold any feature to view more details.

2. Dropdown menu with options specially tailored for mobile interface.
3. Quick Search service which can be configured to look at a number of database tables.
4. Current Location button to return the map to the current location of the mobile device.

Note: The mobile interface does not contain a separate Base Map Picker as it does in the desktop version, this is to allow you to utilize the full screen for viewing the map. Instead base layers can be found along with data layers in the Map Features dialog.