Removing "Enable snapping" from the Settings dialog

Snapping simply means drawings on a map ‘snap’ to the nodes and vertices of features. The Settings menu on maps allows users to enable or disable snapping as needed.

By default, Enable Snapping option is available.

If the Enable snapping option is not required it can be hidden thus:

TIP: We recommend removing this option for a more streamlined performance when your data is large or complex. Snapping on large data can be resource-intensive on GeognoSIS and frustrate users.

To hide the Enable snapping option open the map.aspx file with Notepad or similar.

Locate the line Cadcorp:SettingsDialog, go to the property ShowEnableSnapping="true" typically:

Cadcorp:SettingsDialog ID="settingsDialog" runat="server" CssClass="hidden" MapId="theMap" MenuItemID="layers" Modal="true" 
    TitleText="<%$ Resources:Cadcorp.Web.Resources,UI_Dialog_Settings_Title_Text%>" 
    CloseText="<%$ Resources:Cadcorp.Web.Resources,UI_Dialog_Close_Text%>"
    EnableSnappingText="<%$ Resources:Cadcorp.Web.Resources,UI_Dialog_Settings_Enable_Snapping_Text%>"
    ClearAddedLayersText="<%$ Resources:Cadcorp.Web.Resources,UI_Dialog_Settings_Clear_Added_Layers_Text%>" 

Note: If the ShowEnableSnapping property is not in the map.aspx file add the line as shown above.

Set the ShowEnableSnapping value to "false", this will prevent the Enable snapping option being shown to the user on the Settings dialog.