Create User

In Forms Authentication, WebMap looks after users and group assignments and controls which maps are accessible by these users and groups. Related Topics Link IconRelated Topics

Select Security > Create User from the main drop-down menu and fill the relevant details.

Passwords are case-sensitive. You cannot create a user if the email already exists for a different user. You cannot create more than one user with the same user name.

Once logged in, users can manage their account on the Account.aspx page for the site: http://localhost/SISWebMap9/Account.aspx


If users do not have permission to view the default map, they will be redirected to http://localhost/SISWebMap9/Default.aspx. It displays all maps available to the user.

Active Directory Users

As mentioned above, if using Windows Authentication, users are harvested using the Active Directory.

Both the domain name and user will be added as the username (for eg DOMAIN1\user1)

Note: If a user is included in a sub domain within the Active Directory, Cadcorp SIS WebMap will treat each one as a separate user, for example DOMAIN1\user1 and SUBDOMAIN1\user1 can have different map permissions set, even though one is in a sub domain of the other.