Harvest User

When using Windows Authentication, you need to “harvest” users from the Active Directory.

This requires changes to the Site Settings which enable SIS WebMap to point to the right section of the Active Directory.

TIP: To set Windows authentication, see here. Remember to also set your domain accordingly in Site Settings.

Now select Harvest Users to load the users.

Loading the directory may take a while depending on the number of users. If your browser times out before all users are harvested (default is 2 minutes) make a few more edits to the web.config file.

  • To select a user, simply click on the relevant record.
  • Remove each user by clicking Remove next to each record. Multiple users can be deleted by clicking and selecting them and choosing Delete Selection.
  • Press Delete all to remove all users.

Active Directory Users

As mentioned above, if using Windows Authentication, users are harvested using the Active Directory.

Both the domain name and user will be added as the username, for example DOMAIN1\user1

Note: If a user is included in a sub domain within the Active Directory, Cadcorp SIS WebMap will treat each one as a separate user. For example DOMAIN1\user1 and SUBDOMAIN1\user1 can have different map permissions set, even though one is in a sub domain of the other.