Style padding

Style padding (_style_pad&) allows you to pad data to fix symbols that are cut off at the edges.

  • Right click on the SWD in the Maps Control Bar in desktop SIS.
  • Selecting Properties. This will open the SIS Workspace Definition.
  • Now edit the Style padding value as required.

The Style padding value is used with the larger of the width and height of the drawing extents to pad the extents, e.g. to ensure Point Items that are outside the drawing extents, (but whose Symbol overlaps the drawing extents) are drawn correctly.

The Style padding value is interpreted as 1/10ths of a percent, e.g. 100 means 10%, the value of 1000 equates to 100% and translates to three times the maximum of the width and height of the view extents, the maximum Style padding value is 2000.

Remember the higher the style padding value, the longer the processing and drawing time. Style padding is a trade off against drawing speed, so keep the value as low as possible.

The example below shows the possible effects of using a small Style padding value of 100 and a higher value of 1000: