Roamer attaches a magnifying glass to the cursor. As you drag the cursor over a Map Window, you can view the map in more detail.

Select Home > Zoom > Zoom Raster.

TIP: Keyboard shortcut key is F10.

  • To increase and decrease the magnifying power, use the mouse wheel or the keypad plus (+) and asterisk (*) keys.
  • The size of the magnifying glass can be increased or decreased by pressing the up/right-hand arrow keys or the down/left-hand arrow keys respectively.
  • The size of the magnifying glass when Roamer is exited will be the initial size when the command is next used.
  • The Roamer command is useful to get more accurate screen snaps when any command that requires mouse input is active (e.g. LineString)
  • If you use Roamer when running In or Out, you can zoom in or out on that part of the whole map by pressing the Enter key.
  • To quit Roamer press the Escape key.
  • You can select Circle, Square or Binoculars shaped roamer in the User Interface and Commands tab of the Options dialog: