Upgrading to Cadcorp SIS Desktop 9

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from our latest suite of products. We have streamlined and enhanced many features while retaining our core efficiency.

Cadcorp SIS Desktop 9 is now a single application that includes Map Modeller and Cadcorp SIS Desktop. The following products are no longer available:

  • Cadcorp Map Manager
  • Cadcorp Map Editor
  • Cadcorp Map Modeller

TIP: 8.0 and 9 - You can install and run all Cadcorp SIS 9 products alongside Cadcorp SIS 8.0 products.

Product Upgrade - All users of the above products will be automatically upgraded to Cadcorp SIS Desktop at no extra cost.

Web Map Layers 8.0 will give way to Cadcorp SIS WebMap 9.

Web Map Express 8.0 will give way to Cadcorp SIS WebMap Express 9.