The ActiveX Control has four built-in licensing levels controlled by the Level property.

The default level is Unlicensed.

Only a small number of system housekeeping Methods and Commands are available at this level. The Unlicensed level is useful for starting an application before choosing other levels.

Note: If the application is written using Visual Basic then the ActiveX Control will have been created before the Form_Load event so the Level property can be set here.

The property can be tested immediately after being set. Any discrepancy from the intended value indicates a licence failure; in such an event the LicenceError event will be called.

At run-time the licence is tested periodically at the start of Method and each time the Level property is changed. This prevents swamping the licence (and potentially the network) if a network licence is in use.

Note: If an error occurs when changing from unlicensed to licensed the Level property reverts back to unlicensed.