All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

AddCommand Method


Adds an application-defined command to the menu, with restrictions on use. SIS Control applications can only add to the local menus.


Visual Basic
Public Function AddCommand( _
   ByVal menu As String, _
   ByVal help As String, _
   ByVal clsName As String, _
   ByVal min As Integer, _
   ByVal max As Integer, _
   ByVal filter As String, _
   ByVal locus As String _
) As Integer



The menu command string. Applications which use the SIS Control will have the AppCommand event called with this string as an argument. GisLink customisations must have a button on the main form with this string as the Caption.

In order to add to an existing menu, this string must exactly match the menu text (including ampersand (&) characters preceding any underlined keyboard shortcut, and pipe (|) characters to signify a sub-menu).

If this string does not include a pipe symbol then the command will be added to the local, right-mouse menu. Sub-menus on the local menu are denoted by the hash (#) symbol. Keyboard shortcuts are not supported on the local menu.

the prompt to be displayed when the command is highlighted.

the class or group name this command is to be associated with. If set to "Item" or "" then the command will be available for all Item classes.

the minimum number of Items which must be selected to make this command valid. If min is set to -1 then Hittable and Editable Items are valid. If min is set to 0 then no Items have to be selected. If min is set to 1 then only Editable Items are valid.

The maximum number of Items which may be selected to enable this command. If max is -1 then there is no limit. If both min and max are set to 0 and the command is a local command, then the command will only appear on the local menu when no Items are selected.

optionally specifies a named Filter which all selected Items must pass for the command to be available.

optionally specifies a named Spatial Filter which all selected Items must pass for the command to be available.


Available: D OD OM OV SISpy



sis.AddCommand ("Display Property Details",
"Displays the details of the current Selected Property", "Point", 1, 1, "Properties", "Spatial Search" )

The local menu Display Property Details will be available whenever a single point item which matches the filter Properties but is also within the Spatial Filter Spatial Search, is selected.

Functions that create Buttons and Menu items have the option for a filter. These filters can be set for a class of Item, i.e. LineString, Polygon, etc.

The following sample code shows this where the class is for a Group:

Sis1.CreatePropertyFilter("GroupItem", "_classLocal$ = ""Group""")
Sis1.AddCommand("Display Group Details","Displays the details of the current Selected Group",
"Item", 1, 1, "GroupItem", "")

By design the class filter for a Group will not work for the AddCommand, Buttons or Menus.

Note: See also Commands (ActiveX Control).