All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

AllowCommands Method


Add or remove commands from the menu.

To find the ACom equivalent for a menu command, turn on the Developer Control Bar and select the command. The ACom equivalent will be displayed in the Developer Control Bar.


Visual Basic
Public Function AllowCommands( _
   ByVal flag As Integer, _
   ByVal listcom As String _
) As Integer


SIS_COM_ALL    allow all commands.
SIS_COM_ADD    add the command(s) specified in listcom.
SIS_COM_REMOVE remove the command(s) specified in listcom.
SIS_COM_NONE disallow all commands.
 a list of commands separated by space, comma, tab, or newline characters.


To restrict user-access to just a few commands, you can remove all commands using SIS_COM_NONE and then use SIS_COM_ADD to add back the allowed commands.

TIP: Commands removed in this way disappear from the menu but can still be run using other API methods.

Available: D OD OM OV



sis.AllowCommands (SIS_COM_REMOVE, "AComLayers, AComCopy, AComPaste")

removes the Overlays, Copy, and Paste commands from the main and local menus